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Shipping & Receiving

Return Shipping (Fish Replicas & Fish Blanks)

Your trophy fish mount is carefully crated, packed, fully insured, and shipped in our specially made, custom boxes to fit your fish mount.  Each package is carefully tracked when it leaves our facility until reaching its final destination.

Shipping, Crating, & Insurance

Cost of shipping, crating and insurance is determined upon completion. Average costs can run $85.00 - $150.00, depending on destination. Shipments to Washington State, California, Alaska and Hawaii are not included in the pricing below and would be determined upon completion with dimensions and weight of shipment.


Shipping Price

Fish 0" - 19"

$85.00 +

Fish 20" - 30"

$95.00 +

Fish 31" - 40"

$125.00 +

Fish 41" - 49"

$150.00 +

All fish 50” and over, and those destined for International Points will be shipped freight collect +20% of the total order for boxing and crating.