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Tarpon Fish Mount

Available in sizes 6" to 94"
custom painted to your photo

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Tarpon Fish Mount

Available in sizes 6" to 94"
custom painted to your photo

Summary of our Tarpon Mounts

Our Tarpon fish mounts are museum quality art pieces that look like LIVE FISH. The finest materials combined with highly skilled workmanship that will last a lifetime without discoloring or aging. Striking anatomical posing as well as color accuracy holds the key to a meaningful Tarpon fish replica.

Color Patterns of our Tarpon Mounts

Tarpon can display many different color patterns. We have the knowledge and capability to match the colors of YOUR FISH. With or without a photo we will work close with you to custom paint your fish replica to match your fish exactly! Custom blended translusive lacquer paints and the finest clear urethane topcoats are always standard at Coast to Coast Fish Mounts

Positions of our Tarpon Mounts

Our Tarpon fish replicas are available in customer pleasing high action anatomical poses, as in traditional slight bend to the head, slight bend to the tail, swimming pose, leaping pose, and rolling down poses. Open mouth, open gill, and complete inner mouth detail is standard.

Sizes Available of our Tarpon Mounts

We build, own, and stock over 2000 fish replica molds of all sizes and species that are custom created and painted for you in our facility one fish at a time to match the length, girth, and all of the specific characteristics and details only YOUR FISH displays.

Available in sizes 6 to 94 inches.

Additional Information:

Scientific Name: Megalops

Average Size: Tarpon will grow anywhere from 5 to 8 ft. long and weigh 80 to 300 lbs. Female tarpon grow as large as 300 pounds and can reach over 8ft long. The female tarpon can live for over 50 years while the smaller male tarpon 30 years. The oldest tarpon in captivity lived in an aquarium in Chicago and died at 63 years of age. The all tackle tarpon record is 286lbs, and the Florida tarpon record is 243lbs.

Location & Habitat: There are actually two species of tarpon. One species of Tarpon (Megalops atlanticus – Atlantic Tarpon) is found on the western Atlantic coast from Virginia to Brazil, throughout the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, as well as throughout the Caribbean. Tarpon are also found along the eastern Atlantic coast from Senegal to Angola. The other species of Tarpon (Megalops cyprinoides – Indo-Pacific Tarpon) are found along the eastern African coast, Southeast Asia, Japan, Tahiti and Australia. Both species of Tarpon are found in both salt and freshwater habitats, usually with ascending rivers to access freshwater marshes. Tarpon are also one of the few fish in the world that have a swim bladder. It acts as a lung so tarpon can breathe raw air. Tarpon can still breathe like most fish breath through their gills. This is one reason it is thought that tarpon can battle for so long, because of the amount of oxygen they are able to take in throughout the fight.

Description: Tarpon have dorsal and anal soft rays and usually a bluish/greenish back. Tarpon also have distinctive lateral lines and shiny silvery scales that cover most of their body except for the head. This is why tarpon are nicknamed the silver king, derived from the bright flash that reflects from its body as it jumps. Tarpon have very large eyes with adipose eyelids and a broad mouth with a prominent lower jaw that juts out farther than the rest of its face.

There have been many polls done proclaiming tarpon as the ultimate sport fish, and it’s easy to see why. When it comes to pound for pound explosiveness, endurance, and jumping ability not many come close. At Coast To Coast Fish Mounts, we capture that explosiveness and unique coloration that only your tarpon displays with a tarpon replica fish mount that will last a lifetime.