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King Salmon Fish Mount

Available in sizes 19" to 59"
custom painted to your photo

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King Salmon Fish Mount

Fiberglass King Salmon Fish Mount
King Salmon Mount
King Salmon Fish Replica

Available in sizes 19" to 59"
custom painted to your photo

Summary of our King Salmon Mounts

Scientific Name: Oncorhynchus tshawytscha Average Weight: 36 inches 30 lbs The record is 58 inches and 126 lbs Also know as chinook, king. quinnat, tyee, tule, blackmouth, and spring salmon. Chinook/King salmon are found in fresh water streams and estuaries that provide important habitat for spawning chinook, and which also serve as nursery grounds for developing eggs, fry, and juveniles. In North America, chinook salmon are found from the Monterey Bay area of California all the way to the Chukchi Sea area of Alaska. Chinook salmon are also found on the Asian coast from the Anadyr River area of Siberia southward to Hokkaido, Japan. In Alaska, they are abundant from the southeastern panhandle all the way to the Yukon River. Major populations return to the Yukon, Kuskokwim, Nushagak, Susitna, Kenai, Copper, Alsek, Taku, and Stikine rivers. Chinook salmon are the largest of the Pacific salmon, and although rare, some individuals grow to more than 100 pounds. Most mature chinook are under 50 pounds. The Chinook salmon is the largest of all Pacific salmon, typically measuring 36-40 inches in length, often exceeding 35-40 pounds.

Color Patterns of our King Salmon Mounts

Adults are distinguished by the black irregular spotting on the back and dorsal fins and on both lobes of the caudal or tail fin. Chinook salmon also have a black pigment along the gum line, "blackmouth" in some areas. In the ocean, the Chinook salmon is a robust, deep-bodied fish with bluish-green coloration on the back which fades to a silvery color on the sides and white on the belly. Colors of spawning Chinook salmon in fresh water range from red to silver to deep gray, depending on location and degree of maturation. Males typically have more red coloration than females, which are typically gray. Older adult males (4-7 years) are distinguished by their "ridgeback" condition and by their hooked jaw. Females are distinguished by a torpedo-shaped body, thick mid-section, and short noses. Juveniles in fresh water (fry) are recognized by well-developed parr marks which are bisected by the lateral line. Chinook salmon heading to the ocean (smolt) have bright, silver sides, and parr marks recede to mostly above the lateral line

Positions of our King Salmon Mounts

Our King Salmon fish replicas are available in customer pleasing high action anatomical poses, as in traditional slight bend to the head, slight bend to the tail, swimming pose, leaping pose, and rolling down poses. Open mouth, open gill, and complete inner mouth detail is standard.

Sizes Available of our King Salmon Mounts

We build, own, and stock over 2000 fish replica molds of all sizes and species that are custom created and painted for you in our facility one fish at a time to match the length, girth, and all of the specific characteristics and details only YOUR FISH displays.

Available in sizes 19 to 59 inches.

Reviews of our King Salmon Fish Mounts

Hi Lowrey, Both King Salmon replica mounts arrived yesterday and they are beautiful! Thank you so much.

Dave Tanonis

Received my fish today. Looks GREAT! Thanks for the hard work and attention to detail. I will be recommending you guys.

Korey Boen

Joe & Lowrey,

Just wanted to let you know we got the fish mount and are extremely pleased, it looks wonderful! Thank you both! I'll certainly be recommending you to anyone who needs a mount done and if I'm lucky I'll have another trophy to mount one of these days.


Lee Sienka

The King Salmon replica fish mount looks great. We may have more work for you as we are going back this year to fish Alaska again. Thanks for the great work.

Jason Parsley

Hi Joe,

I recieved the bass/package today in the mail. I am extremely happy how it came out. Thanks again for the great work. Hopefully now i can catch a 6 pounder and have another one recreated. I will 100% have you create the next monster that i catch.



David Smith

Joe, Bass looks unbelievable on the wall.  The colors are beautiful.  Thanks for a top notch job.  Again you have preserved an awesome memory for me.

Gary Delair

Hi Joe,

The fish arrived today and it is gorgeous, perfect!  Thank you for working with me on this.  Phenomenal job again.  I was wowed when I opened the box.  I hope to catch another big fish so we can do business again.  Thanks again!

Rob Davis

Joe and Lowrey

We just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the excellent job you guys did on my daughters fish. It looks perfect!! Rest assured that the next time she catches a big one, we will again be going to your place of business.

Thanks again,

Myron Kurnyk

Hi - I have my King Salmon replica mount fish on the wall. Very nice job. Thank you very much. I'll recommend you to anyone that needs work. Thank you again. Jon

Jon Hodgkins

Hi Lowery and Joe, I want to tell you that my fish is absolutely beautiful. You did an awesome job recreating my trophy!!! Thank you very much.. I'm in hopes that my next fishing trip will bring another trophy for me to have you do the mount again. 

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!


Bill Orne

Hi Lowrey, I wanted to drop you a note and let you know that my King Salmon replica mount arrived safely today. It looks incredible. You folks really know what your're doing. Even the packaging showed that you have probably done thousands of mounts and have really become masters at all aspects required for a very happy customer. The mount itself, is so much more than I could have imagined from photos. Thanks again for everything!

Jacob Williams

Jacob Williams

Good afternoon Joe & Lowrey,

I wanted to drop you a note- the King Salmon replica mount fish you created for me is spectacular!! My dad absolutely loves it - it's that one fish story for which he has actual tangible proof now!

Again, many, many thanks!

I'll definitely be sending work your way whenever I have the opportunity!

Tyler Happe

Looks amazing in the trophy room. Wife was thrilled with how it turned out. Will definite be a return customer.

Noah Sartin, Alabama

The craftsmanship on this mount is incredible! I will ONLY have Joe and his staff do all my future mounts

Todd Gratrix

Got my King Salmon replica mount in yesterday! Looks great! Thank you.

Casey Roth, Victoria, TX

Casey Roth

I would like to thank you all for the fabulous job you did on the king salmon taxidermy fish mount. Look forward to doing business with you again.

Rodney Rathbun

We received the three salmon taxidermy fish replica mount and they arrived in great shape. Thanks for the great job!

Izembek National Wildlife Refuge - Cold Bay, Alaska

Izembek National Wildlife Refuge


Thanks for all your help this year!  I'm so excited to have found a new contact that creates the highest quality fish mounts and replicas.  You've made purchaseing mounts from you very easy, and we look forward to working with you in the future.


Bass Pro Shops, Chealsea Evenson Retail Planning Coordinator


I just want to thank you for the great job you did on my King Salmon.  Thanks again.

Bruce Binning

Thank you!  Just got the crate with my Alaskan King Salmon fish replica, Arctic Char fish mount, Chum Salmon fish replica, Dolly Varden mount, and mounted Greyling...  Absolutely amazing.  No words....

Thank you again,

Eric Best

Dear Joe,

I would like to thank you for your professional work you have done for my clients' fish replicas. I have been thanked by them, for your work. With all the taxidermists in our area, I see a lot of fish mounts. Their work doesn’t even come close to yours. The first look life-like. I’ve yet to see work comparable to yours. Once again, I would like to thank you for making my business a success. I’m sure you’ll be seeing many more fish from myself and my clients.


Arthur W. Novarro Jr. Registered Guide, Coho Lodge, Driftboat & Guide Service

Dear Joe and co-workers,

I just wanted to thank you for the magnificent reproductions of the fish replicas (fish mounts) you did for me recently. You are truly excelling in this art, and I am especially thankful for the very real eyes you provided for the replicas. I will be back with more fish for more beautiful fish mounts!

 Wish best wishes,

Dr. Hartmut Kramer-Mills Jamesburg, NJ

Dear Joe & Lowrey Pitruzzello,

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful job you did mounting my fish mounts. Rarely have I seen a taxidermist with your attention to authenticity and deail, fewer still with your artistic expertise when it comes to painting a fish replica in its true spawning colors. I will be sending you a male brown trout that I had mounted by another marine taxidermist several years ago. I was sorely disappointed in his ability to capture the vivid colors of a spawning brown. I’m sure you can restore this mount to its true majesty, as I’ve seen several brown trout mount fish replicas you’ve completed. Once again, thanks for a beautiful fish mount, and I will be recommending your services to my friends and any acquaintances that are looking for the best in taxidermist.


Hermon Ashline Albany, NY

Lowery and Joe,

I received my replica king salmon fish mount yesterday.  I just wanted to say that is one of the best looking fish mounts that I have EVER seen!  The amount of detail you guys put into the fish replica is phenomonal!  I very much appreciate you doing such a great job on it!  I will be in touch soon as I am going to be doing a lot of fishing this summer and would very much like it for you guys to do any fish mounts I may have in the future.

Thank you again very much!

Nick Greenwood, IN

Hello, this is Naylor I just wanted to let you know that I love my king salmon replica fish mount. Thank you for all the work you put in it - pictures just didn't do justice for it. I also left you a review on google and I will be using you again in the future hopefully for peacock bass.

Naylor Brooks, Breaux Bridge, LA

Hi Lowery,

I was just thinking to myself how rare a great artist is. I feel very fortunate to have the mounts that your company have made for me

The work Joe does is nothing short of amazing. These mounts bring our experiences back to life, and all the emotions that come along with. Your company's work is a legacy, your hard work makes people happy. I appreciate you and your husbands and your crew's work. I’m looking forward to getting my next order in! I want to get everything I can while you Guys are still around 😊

Happy Monday! Thank you again. Please share my appreciation with Joe and your team!

Dylan Towne

I freaking love my fish replica mount!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you SO much for working with me! 

So worth it!!!

Michelle Anderson

Lowrey, Joe - The replica fish mount came yesterday - wow! it is spectacular - you guys did a great job. I already have it up in my ship in the spot I have been saving for it.

David Brandos, Hamilton, MT

We received our replica mount sockeye salmon and king salmon replica mount today and they are in great shape! The quality is outstanding and we are very happy with the results. Thank you.

Jim Hirdes


Joe, I do want to mention that I read some pretty bad reviews of other taxidermy studios on facebook sites concerning the scams people went through like I almost did.  I wanted to express my appreciation to you and your team for how you have handled me as a customer for my King Salmon replica mount and now my replica mount Striped Marlin.  I couldn't be happier with how you guys have treated me and handled my fish mounts. 


Thanks again and keep up the great work....


Jeff Davey