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Striped Bass Fish Mount

Available in sizes 8" to 55"
custom painted to your photo

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Striped Bass Fish Mount

Fiberglass Striped Bass Fish Mount
Striped Bass Mount
Striped Bass Fish Replica

Available in sizes 8" to 55"
custom painted to your photo

Summary of our Striped Bass Mounts

Our Striped Bass fish mounts are museum quality art pieces that look like LIVE FISH. The finest materials combined with highly skilled workmanship that will last a lifetime without discoloring or aging. Striking anatomical posing as well as color accuracy holds the key to a meaningful Striped Bass fish replica.

Color Patterns of our Striped Bass Mounts

Striped Bass can display many different color patterns. We have the knowledge and capability to match the colors of YOUR FISH. With or without a photo we will work close with you to custom paint your fish replica to match your fish exactly! Custom blended translusive lacquer paints and the finest clear urethane topcoats are always standard at Coast to Coast Fish Mounts

Positions of our Striped Bass Mounts

Our Striped Bass fish replicas are available in customer pleasing high action anatomical poses, as in traditional slight bend to the head, slight bend to the tail, swimming pose, leaping pose, and rolling down poses. Open mouth, open gill, and complete inner mouth detail is standard.

Sizes Available of our Striped Bass Mounts

We build, own, and stock over 2000 fish replica molds of all sizes and species that are custom created and painted for you in our facility one fish at a time to match the length, girth, and all of the specific characteristics and details only YOUR FISH displays.

Available in sizes 8 to 55 inches.

Reviews from our Clients

Dear Joe & Lowrey,

In June of 2008, lady luck shined upon me and I caught the striped of a lifetime, a 62.5 pound, 55 inch Striped Bass. The fish took Striper of the year in the On The Water Striper Cup and is my personal best. Immediately after weighing the fish I knew I wanted to have it mounted and I also knew I wanted the taxidermy to be done by the best in the business. I have many friends in the fishing industry, both professional and recreational and when I inquired about Taxidermy for my trophy fish, the overwhelming majority recommended Northeast Taxidermy Studios. My decision was made. After speaking to both of you on the phone to explain how I would like my fish mounted and then getting your feedback, I was convinced I had made the right decision. It was very obvious that you both took a personal interest in meeting my expectations. In late fall 2008, you contacted me to let me know my fish replica had been completed. Honestly, I was amazed that it was ready as promised. My previous experience with taxidermists was a year or more wait. I made the trip to Middletown with excited anticipation and was awed by the displays in your studio. From African Big Game to Waterfowl, Upland birds and North American Big Game, the artistic presentation and attention to detail were amazing. After a short wait, I got to meet you both and then Joe took me on the grand tour of the facility, explaining every aspect of the process from arrival to completion. And then it was time to see my Striper. Words cannot describe the appearance of this mount. It looks as though it could swim off the wall. The colors are perfect. The gills, fins, tail, and every detail of the fish mount looks real. What more can I say! Thank you both. I will be back and I recommend your work to everyone I know.


Mark H. Sherer Coventry, RI Gannet Outdoor Adventures LLC, (401) 385-9285

To Joe Pitruzzello & Co.,

Thank you very much for the beautiful mounted striped bass fish replica that you and your staff completed for me. Your professionalism, attention to detail, and artistry makes the fish seem alive. All of the fish mounts that I have seen from Coast-to-Coast Fish Mounts appear as if to be alive. In my opinion, Coast-to-Coast is the only marine taxidermy establishment where I will have future fish mounts done. You and your staff are truly gifted. Thank you for the very professional job.


Paul Krupczak

Hi Joe,

Just a short note to say “thanks” for the striped bass fish mount that arrived a few days ago. The fish replica and painting looks great. The striped bass is now on display at the Sportsmen’s Center, in Bordentown, NJ. This coming weekend, the Center is holding their annual festival, so thousands of anglers will be seeing your talents with my mounted striped bass replica. Hopefully, in the upcoming months, some of these anglers will contact me about having a skin mount or a fiberglass fish mount done by Coast-to-Coast Fish Mounts. Thanks again for the mount, and hopefully we can do some business during the upcoming year.


Dan Kamienski Roebling, NJ Field Editor- Fisherman Magazine

Dear Joe,

On behalf of the officers and members of the Massachusetts Striped Bass Association, I would like to thank you for your generosity and comment you on your skills for the restoration work you recently completed on our Striped Bass fish replica. The fish trophy actually looks like a Striped Bass again! As a matter of fact, it looks as though it was just taken out of the water: a far cry from what it looked like prior to your work. We will be looking forward to meeting and seeing you at the Annual Sports EXPO next year. Until then, thanks again for a great job. We will now be able to display the fish mount proudly.

 Sincerely yours,

Ralph Bergonzi, President Mass. Striped Bass Association

Hey Joe and Team!

First off, I wanted to shoot out a big thank you again for the awesome Striped Bass fish replica mount that your team created for me last year.  (It still becomes one of the main points of focus and conversation in my house when we have company!)  Anyway, my brother is a fishing fanatic and lives in Naples, Florida.  I wanted to do something different for him by getting him a giftcard to get him started for his own first fish mount.  I've done some research on some of the "popular" taxidermy and fish replicas establishments in Florida (Some even highly advertised on the fishing network) and none even come close to the quality that comes from your company.  "The fish mounts are done right, by the right people."

Thanks again!

Mike Venarchick

Joe, Lowrey, & Gillian,

Warmest Holiday Greetings to y'all for this Joyous Season.  The Striper fish replica is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME & Bryce will be getting it Christmas morning.  What a SUPER JOB!  I'll be contacting y'all at the 1st of the new year and will give some of your business cards to a premiere charter fisherman.

Warmest regards,

Birt Webley

Hi Lowrey

I just wanted to thank you, Joe, and the gang at North East for my striped bass mount. I cannot get over the degree of detail and the quality of workmanship. Each individual scale is visible, and the paint and iridescence makes the mount look almost alive.

It looks great over my desk at home (I believe you guys articulated those mako jaws too many years ago).

Every one who has seen it has remarked that it's the best striper mount they've ever seen and I have to agree. 

The quality of the work exceeded my expectations, but so did your professionalism. North East is amazingly easy to deal with. The promptness in calls and emails in regards to my questions and updates about the fish were incredible.

If I ever catch anything pushing 60 lbs or another 50, you will be sure to hear from me again.

Thank you so much again,


Brendan Richards


I just received my trophy Striped Bass from North East Taxidermy....Wow! What an amazing job you and your crew have done. You all are very talented in the way that you have captured such a realistic effect in the making of this mount. I own many fish mounts from various taxidermists, but yours really stands out amongst them all. I will be sending all of my future trophy catches to North East from now on....

Thank you and happy holidays,

Tony Aloia

Striped Bass Replica Fish Mount - Got it! Love it! Thank you.

Grant Nelson